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Classroom speaker, Rachman NachmanMeet Rachman Nachman

How one young orphan overcame poverty, hunger, and child labor to get an education
When Rachman turned 10 years old, his Ugandan childhood changed overnight with the death of his mother. His father, who fled to Kenya years earlier for political asylum, had died from AIDS. None of his siblings were old enough to support themselves. So he was sent to live with an aunt, where he essentially became a child laborer, working often until 2 a.m. digging in the garden, cooking, cleaning dishes, fetching water multiple times a day, ad others chores (while his cousins did nothing). During these lonely years, his only source of comfort and support came from his sister who went to Kampala and married at a very young age in order to survive. This sister somehow enabled Rachman to get a rudimentary education before she died of AIDs, and her efforts changed the trajectory of Rachman’s life.

Exploring fundamental life questions

It is Rachman’s fervent desire and the purpose of Global Village Connect to improve American student’s awareness and understanding of life in Uganda. Rachman shares his experiences through conversing with students and engaging them in his music. The robust question and answer sessions allow U.S. students to explore some very poignant and fundamental life questions. Bringing Rachman to your school is part of Global Village Connect’ s mission to assist educators in providing awareness, support materials and even exchanges to enable American students to become global citizens.

Community connections

Global Village Connect provides a global perspective for your students to addresses such universal issues as hunger, poverty, education, child labor, overcoming hardships, and sustainable improvements for communities. Our community connections allows your students to maintain relationships with peer schools in Africa, Asia, and Central America.

As your students get to know more about partner communities, we work closely with you to plan service projects and implement solutions benefiting students and their communities on opposite sides of the world (e.g., Give a Goat, community ovens, building wells or school farms.). Global Village Connect provides classroom materials that enhance writing, storytelling, multicultural studies, economics, geography, and technology components to supplement your existing curriculum.

Arrange a school visit

For more information or to arrange for Nachman to visit your school, contact Joanne at Global Village Connect.

joanne@globalvillageconnect.org   or 612-432-4473