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School children from Buyanga help clear land

Mirembe (peace/hello) from Uganda!

For those who don’t know me, my name is Michael Glotter, and I’m in Uganda for a few weeks volunteering with Global Village Connect. I’m here to kick start the farm Global Village Connect is helping set up connected to the Buyanga Primary School.

View a slide show of the progress at Buyanga »

The Buyanga Primary School has more than 900 students (ages 6-16), many of whom come to school hungry and malnourished. According to the Headmaster at the school, only about 200 kids get 2 meals at home each day (breakfast and dinner), and the remaining typically only get 1 (or sometimes, sadly none). Just this week, a girl came to school unable to learn, and hadn’t had a meal in two days.

The school does its best to provide lunches for as many children as possible, but it is not enough. The school is blessed with land (more than 20 acres), and grows some crops to provide lunch for the students. However, they don’t have the resources or expertise to provide for all the students. While the school typically has enough food to cover (some) lunch for the oldest students at the school, there is rarely any left for the youngest, and possibly most vulnerable.

Helping the school feed its children

So, I’m here with Global Village Connect to help the school feed its children. This year, we’re starting small with corn, beans, bananas, and vegetables. Once we get our feet wet, we want to double production of each, and add sweet potato, cassava, and pineapple. Our goal is that the school will have enough food to not only feed every kid every day, but also have extra to sell and make the farm self-sustaining.

buyunga2While we need to wait until the rainy season in February to plant the crops, we’re not wasting any time getting the banana trees up and going. This week, we plowed the field, hired the locals to dig holes, and prepared the land with mulch and organic manure. The students have been coming to help and learn best farming practice (when time permits in the classroom), so they too can one day plant their own trees at home. When all is said and done, we hope to have more than 500 banana trees planted in 2 weeks’ time!

Give a gift

$10 – Buy a tree for the farm
$20 – Buy a student lunch for his/her entire primary school years

More updates to follow — Michael Gotter