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Our board truly gives tirelessly in support of our mission. We’re pleased to have these dynamic individuals on our team and thank them for the energy and creativity they bring to Global Village Connect.

Joanne TrangleJoanne Trangle, Founder

Joanne Trangle founded Global Village Connect. The many wonderful friends and associations she’s made throughout her 25 years of travel showed her the importance of peer relationships between people from different cultures. After adopting her youngest child from Ethiopia, she resolved that no parent should have to give up a child due to a lack of food and basic resources, as some do in developing countries in order to give their children what they need . For the last five years she’s been facilitating projects that connect children with opportunities to be successful, and that help families and communities become economically self-sufficient.

Jodi SabraJodi Sabra, Board Member

Jodi Sabra is an educator and performer. She has been raising funds, implementing projects and connecting with Bupalla School and Global Village Connect in Uganda for many years. When Joanne first approached Jodi about doing a pen pal project with her class, she never imagined she would be going back and forth to Africa to help connect her classroom with their pen pals.  She’s an educator extraodinaire, connecting kids here with kids abroad and creating educational opportunities for the classroom. Check out Jodi’s story on her Pen Pal Project blog!

Leslie RosenbergLeslie Rosenberg, Advisor

Leslie graduated from Barnard College in New York City. She also has an M.S. in Technical Communications from Metropolitan University in Minnesota and a J.D. from Brooklyn Law School in New York.

Leslie has been representing juveniles and parents charged with criminal offenses for most of her career. Since 2000, she has been a full-time assistant appellate public defender and has served on the Minnesota Supreme Court’s Juvenile Delinquency Advisory Committee.
She frequently presents continuing legal education trainings on issues of criminal defense.

She has also trained criminal lawyers in China and was the founder and director of the Southeast Defender Resource Center in Wuhan. In the summer of 2011 she taught legal writing in Istanbul to Palestinian lawyers, in 2012 she completed a volunteer project with the Victim Services Unit in Kingston, Jamaica, and most recently she was a volunteer legal specialist in Skopje, Macedonia, training Macedonian criminal defense lawyers in trial advocacy skills and she participated in the founding conference for the Balkans Region Rule of Law Network.

Melanie BienMelanie Bien, Board Member

Melanie Bien, ATR, LCSW is an Art Therapist and Medical Social Worker. She has been working in the San Francisco Bay Area since 1995, primarily with underserved communities. She has worked extensively in the HIV/AIDS community. As the Palliative Care Social Worker at San Francisco General Hospital, Melanie was able work specifically with community members at end-of-life and work closely with other Medical Providers to support patients and their family members. Her work in San Francisco led her to connecting with hospice providers in Uganda, where she hopes to share wisdom and resources with hospice providers in Mbale.  She joined the Board of Global Village Connect in 2014. Melanie is currently working at San Francisco General hospice and at Maitri, a hospice for people with HIV/AIDS.

Adrienne PellegAdrienne Pelleg, Treasurer

Adrienne Pelleg is a director with Tefen USA. She brings with her over 20 years of experience in operations management with direct profit and loss responsibilities at a major Fortune 500 company, and many years of Six Sigma, lean and Kaizen implementations. Competencies include financial strategy, business process and business transformation, organizational effectiveness and change management, operation excellence in both transactional and manufacturing environments.

Adrienne has been involved with Global Village Connect since its inception and currently serves as Treasurer.