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Lunch at Buppala SchoolIs your organization seeking ways to help make a difference in people’s lives?

Global Village Connect supports educational, philanthropic and development projects that arise from peer relationships between people in the USA and the developing world. We help families thrive – combining education with livestock production, sustainable farming, clean water and community-based microbusinesses.

We sincerely hope your giving interests closely match our mission

We welcome inquiries about direct giving programs, foundation support, sponsorship programs, in-kind donations, volunteer programs and matching gift programs. Please consider adding Global Village Connect to your list of eligible non-profits.

For larger scale giving, the following chart outlines the scope, projected impact and approximate costs for an entire project.

Project Your gift Impact Cost
Give a goat 40 goats per village 120 kids after 1 year $5,004
Sustainable organic farming 1 school farm 600 school children/year $11,700
Community ovens 1 cooperative bakery 325 community members $9,400
Clean water 1 well per village 1,800 villagers $13,900

Getting started

To discuss corporate giving opportunities with Global Village Connect, please reach out to us using the form below.