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The Buppala School farm is thriving on it’s own

Lunch at Buppala Primary School

We started a school farm in central Uganda so kids could eat lunch.  Buppala Primary School has experienced tremendous growth since the inception of the farm in 2012.

  • Enrollment has increased 238%
  • Graduation rates have increased 456%
  • Students are able to concentrate with food in their bellies
  • Parents now want to send their children to school so they can eat.
  • Students have learned about best farming practices and are sharing with their families in this subsistence farming village. They brought saplings and a wealth of knowledge to their families.
  • Now leaders in the community discuss the importance of education.
  • The government came in and built 2 new classrooms due to the success of the school program.

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Every time I see Miriam, she’s smiling


Miriam lost her parents and lives with her grandmother and her cousin. The family’s only source of income was from the few crops they grow. But now that Miriam has a goat, thanks to the generosity of donors, the money she makes from selling the goat’s offspring and milk will enable her to go to school and buy books. Sometimes it’s not easy selling the baby goats because kids get attached, but if it’s for school, then it’s worth it!

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JJ’s story

JJ and his goat

“When you give us these goats, we chase the poverty from our homes.”
— JJ’s mother

JJ is lucky. He has a mother and father and 4 siblings. However, his parents are uneducated and cannot get work so they live as subsistence farmers. Subsistence farming is tough. Drought comes, food becomes scarcer. It can be especially hard for families who have no other source of income like JJ’s family.

The good news – JJ’s goat is pregnant. His goat is having more than 1 and JJ is hoping it gives birth to three kids: one to keep, one to sell and one to give away to someone else in need.

JJ’s family will use the money from selling the goat milk and offspring to pay for school, books, food and clothes. Plus, JJ and his siblings will have goat milk that’s highly nutritious and contains essential vitamins and minerals.

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The Moshe family

Moshe and his extended family

I am the lucky winner because my goat has produced 3 offspring! Look at my kids, they have drank goat milk and now they are very healthy.
— Moshe

Moshe has been farming from sun up to sunset for as long as he can remember. He does it in order to feed his 4 children, Shivum, 14, Haimu, 12, Tamali, 4 and Musibika, 4 months old.

Moshe struggles to raise all the funds needed for schools fees. Last season, farming was not good. There were barely enough crops to eat and no extra to sell. Moshe was recently able to sell 2 of his 4 goats which provided him the means to send Shivum and Haimu back to school.

He hopes his goats have more babies, critical for educating his children.

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