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Join us voluntouring in Nicaragua

If you are interested in a future trip to Nicaragua or would like Global Village Connect to organize a community outreach trip for your group, use the Questions about travel … form on this page to contact us.


Trip highlights

Here’s a sampling of activities from a Nicaragua trip.

  • 2 days building eco-kitchens in Thomas Borges community, near Leon
  • Cooking lesson learning how to make traditional Nicaraguan food
  • Volcano boarding down Cerro Negro Volcano
  • Hiking and zip-lining at Mambacho Volcano in the cloud forest
  • Swimming, kayaking and paddle boarding in Apoyo Lagoon, a warm volcanic lake
  • A visit to Masaya Volcano, an active volcano with bubbling lava
  • 3 day option for Ometepe Island, hiking Concepcion Volcano, biking and kayaking
  • Half day at Las Penitas Beach, options for surfing, horse-back riding, kayaking or biking on the beach

Service work

Eco-kitchen building in Leon

Two days volunteering building ecological kitchens in an underdeveloped community close to León. In Thomas Borges community, homes are mostly made of found materials and tin sheets. Educating the community is key. The kitchens are designed to drastically reduce the amount of smoke created in the home by the existing stoves and also reduce the amount of wood needed for cooking. The benefits include improved health, cost savings due to the need to buy less wood and a reduction in cutting down trees in the area. Please feel free to bring a Spanish book as a donation to give to the children at the local school. Your contribution will be greatly appreciated!

Making jam and business training in Grenadilla

With an abundance of mangos and other fruit, we’ll be making jam with the rural community of granadilla, 40 minutes from Grenada. The cooperative is well structured and hard working. They recently started to work in the field of tourism as a way for strengthening local and sustainable development. We recently built a brick stove to be used to make bread and pizza that can be sold to tourists. They have asked us to help them create a business making jam in order to sell their product to tourists. By doing this, we will address the needs of the local women in the cooperative to boost their salary, ultimately helping their families and the community.


Mombacho Volcano

The Mombacho Volcano is one of the most famous volcanoes in Nicaragua.The Mombacho volcano has four craters, all covered with cloud forest. On the Mombacho volcano, you can walk around one of the craters, or hike around several craters. Besides lots of different trees and plants that thrive because of the cloud forests humidity you can also observe howler and white face monkeys, as well as snakes, deer, reptiles, birds, and insects.

Apoyo Lagoon

In the center of the Nicaraguan Pacific coast, in the middle of the long volcanic chain which runs through the country from north to south, there is a wide and extended crater in a form of an inverted cone, and in the center of it there is one of the most beautiful lagoons in Nicaragua: the Apoyo Lagoon. The natural beauty of the place, the abundant flora and fauna, the calm and clean water of the lagoon and the green slopes of the crater make Apoyo an incredible destination for visitors, offering an interesting variety of activities.

Cerro Negro Volcano

The Cerro Negro volcano is a young and unique volcano, providing a stunning natural setting, the opportunity to hike an active cone and see its crater, and sand board down its black sand slopes. On and around the volcano lies a big layer of volcanic ash and rocks.

Las Penitas Beach

Las Peñitas is a small fishing village next to Poneloya on the west coast of the Pacific, two hours drive from the capital, Managua. Most local people live their traditional life as fishermen. There are long beaches to walk and surf on. Activities include fishing, swimming and boating in the natural marine reserve which is made up of a mangrove forrest, iguanas, crocodiles and many species of birds.

Ometepe Island – 3 day add-on

This extraordinary island is located on the Lago de Nicaragua and is formed by two joined volcanoes, Concepcion and Maderas. Hiking the volcanoes, kayaking, kite flying and cycling are the main activities here. The walks up the volcanoes can be strenuous. Kayaking in the lake and up the river, fishing, hiking or horseback riding to the waterfalls are all options on this beautiful island.

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Travel agency

Our travel agency partner, Kuchanga Travel, specializes in coordinating volunteer and adventure trips in Kenya, Nicaragua, South Africa, Tanzania, Thailand, Uganda, Zambia, and Zimbabwe.