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Help us build Global Village Connect

Teaching in Buppala
Do you have a skill you want to contribute? We’re looking for graphic designers, fundraisers, speakers and social media folks to help with our endeavors. We have people working with us from all over the country. Wherever you live, you can help! View what’s open »

Be a student volunteer
Are you a student who enjoys public speaking? Let us help you start a Global Village Connect club at school or an organization you belong to. We can even help you organize a fundraiser.

Consider serving on our youth advisory board – learn more »

Volunteer abroad!

Do you have a skill you want to utilize in one of our partner communities? Do you have an organization that could make a difference in one of our partner communities? We can organize a project and lead a trip for your group.

Connecting with school children in Buppala village, Uganda

volunteer2“It meant a lot to me to help, but what I received back was so much more.  I was inspired to change my life for the better. All of the talented and smart people of Buppala have taught me to cherish learning and the opportunities I have. The students of Buppala reminded me that kindness and hope go a very long way.”
— Molly Samson, college student

More reflections from our volunteers »

Getting started

To learn more about volunteer opportunities at Global Village Connect, please reach out to us using the form below. Include a brief explanation of your background, interests and availability. We’ll be in touch with you shortly to discuss upcoming projects and to ensure that we’re a good fit.