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Make it a better world. Global Village Connect connects classrooms and communities by developing practical solutions that improve health, education and economic opportunity through sustainable micro-enterprise.

Building and sustaining relationships between classrooms, service learning organizations and hospice caregivers is key to our vision. Bringing individuals from the USA to work alongside their partners in remote villages strengthens the commitment and fosters a meaningful cross-cultural exchange.

Projects such as goat and cow giving, sustainable farming, and community ovens for cooperative bakeries are implemented based on the needs of the specific communities.

Empowering individuals is reinforced with a pay-it- forward component that requires recipients to share their good fortune with other vulnerable members of their community. Monitoring and measuring the impact of these initiatives is managed by our Global Village Connect staff on the ground in each country. Check out our projects below.

Sustainable organic farmingSustainable organic farming

Five acres feeds 600 students (and staff) lunch every day and generates export income.

Sustainable farming – learn more »

Clean waterClean water

We’re building wells to bring clean water to kids and communities.

Water projects – learn more »

Give a goatGive a goat

Purchase a fertile milk goat for an orphan or family whose breadwinner has become ill or disabled. See what one goat can do for a kid, a village and a community.

Give a goat – learn more »

Pads for GirlsPads for Girls

We’re providing reusable hygiene products so girls can stay in school.

Pads for Girls – learn more »

Hope TroupeHope Troupe Uganda

We’re using music to foster self-sufficient youth.

Hope Troupe Uganda – learn more »