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May 3rd, Registration 5:00, Walk 5:30
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3 new wells completed

Boy pumping water at a new wellThree new wells and counting.  We have more wells to build so more kids and communities can have access to clean drinking water.

Each well in Uganda’s suburban Kayabwe area serves approximately 200 families with an average of 9 children each. That’s 5,400 people who now have access to clean water.

Life-saving fresh water

Imagine your 6-year old child carrying jugs of water every morning at 6 am for 2 miles before school.  It’s your kid’s responsibility to provide the day’s water for your family of 9 who use up to 5 and half gallons of water per day. Water borne illness is high — bilharzia, cholera, typhoid dysentery — and danger exists  from drowning in deep-water drop-offs left from sand excavations.

A community project

Each family pays approximately 30 cents per month for upkeep of the well. The amount is determined by each community and there is a committee that oversee the maintenance of the well. For those who cannot pay the 30 cents per month, they are also allowed to use the wells.

Riding bicycle with water cansHow you can help …
Each well costs approximately $13,300, about $7.40 per person for access to clean water.

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Service learning projects
Teachers, help your students connect a real-world clean water project in Uganda to academic subjects. We offer a full suite of learning materials and fund-raising ideas.  Learn more.

How it all began
This project was started by Rebecca and James Nadauld in honor of their young son, Kirabo, adopted at age three from Kayabwe village where the new wells provide a safe and secure source of fresh water for the entire community, and especially for the local children.