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Empowering microbusinesses

The Shalom Women’s Bakery Cooperative, has finished building it’s bakery now and will start training soon.The innovative design used for the ovens cost less to build than traditional ovens and uses less energy. It will be run by the Abayudaya Women’s Group and will benefit Jewish, Muslim and Christian women who are all involved in the program.

Soon the bakery will help meet the demand for fresh, locally baked bread, including challah and create a livelihood for 25 local women, making it the community’s fourth-largest employer.

Board members: Samali Nahamwanga, Sabano Naume, Birungi Tehila, Esther Kasubi, Susan Sabano, Norah Nantabo, Esther Nantabo, Rachel Namudosi, not pictured)

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Training’s in progress

We’re combining the new ovens with training in commercial baking, entrepreneurship and business. The end result: the know-how, equipment and hands-on experience needed to start up and ensure cooking-based cooperatives thrive.

Prosperity for women, families, and communities

Abudaya community ovens

Community-owned and operated microbusinesses enable local women to:

  • become income-earners
  • have a sustainable income to provide for the basic needs of their families, such as food and school fees
  • increase the capacity for women entrepreneurs to become catalysts for change in their communities

Studies show that increasing the share of household income controlled by women, changes spending in ways that benefit children, and increasing women and girls’ education contributes to higher economic growth. 

More options

As more communities are added to this program, each community will decide what type of foods they want to sell and what type of microbusiness they want to create with their new fuel-efficient ovens.

How you can help …

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Service learning projects

Teachers, help your students connect microbusinesses in Uganda to academic subjects. We offer a full suite of learning materials and fund-raising ideas for participating teachers.  Learn more.