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What one goat can do for a kid, a village and a community!


The Give a Goat program provides a source of income for kids who have lost their parents or who are in vey difficult living situations. Each $125 donated purchases a fertile milk goat for a child or family in need. Give a Goat is a youth-led nonprofit initiative making social investments in Uganda’s youth. Our goal is to give disadvantaged kids the opportunity to afford both education and nutrition through the gift of a goat.


  • A dairy goat can be milked twice per day for up to 5 cups of milk per day.
  • Milk can be sold for 40 cents per cup. A family can make up to $1.75 per day when they typically live on less than $1 USD per day. And that’s with just 1 goat.
  • Milk can be mixed with porridge to increase nutritional value to low-nutrient, starchy diets, which helps kids concentrate at school.
  • An adult goat can be sold for more than 2-1/2 times the cost of a baby goat, yielding a significant profit.
  • A goat skin can be sold for $4.00.
  • Goat cheese can be made and sold.

Pay it forward

The return on your investment continues to grow … it’s a pay-it-forward project. The kids who are provided with a goat must agree to give a nanny goat born to another child in need, and those children will do the same.

Goats give birth to 1-3 kids every 6 months, 2 kids on average. In six months:

〉  1 goat becomes 3
〉  3 goats become 9
〉  9 goats become 27
〉  and so on

1 child able to pay for school fees and books becomes 2 children able to pay for school fees and books. 2 children become 3 children and so on

Help finance a micro-business

These children can sell their goat’s produce and offspring to pay for living expenses such as food, shelter and school fees. The program also teaches kids to care for something and gives them the ability to give back to the community that has taken them in.

Bring peace of mind to hospice patients

In Uganda, many terminally ill people do not have the resources for desperately needed medications and medical care. To help meet this critical need, we have paired our Give a goat program with hospice patients. Donating just one goat can support a family who is caring for a palliative care or hospice patient. Your gift of a goat can bring peace of mind to a terminally ill patient, provide much needed sustenance and ensure a sustainable income going forward.

Give a goat
How you can help …
Purchase a goat
One fertile milk goat costs $125. Visit our Shop & give site to purchase a goat or make a donation in any amount.

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Service learning projects
Teachers and students across the country are embracing the Give a goat program for service learning projects. We offer a full suite of learning materials and fund-raising ideas. Learn more.

Kids take action for kids

Thirteen-year-old Dante Reminick from Minneapolis pioneered the Give a goat program in 2013. He raised funds to buy 50 fertile goats and helped distribute them while in the Mbale region of Uganda. Dante’s effort inspired another teenager, Spencer Latterman, from Pittsburgh. In 2014 he and his family raised an amazing $23,000 to purchase goats for children in need. Now entire schools are involved. Let us know if you want to be the one to lead a Give a goat project in your school or your community.

“I am asking you to join me in making this world a better place.”
— Dante Reminick

Goat recipients say thank you