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This is Hope Troupe...

music changing lives in Uganda

Who is Hope Troupe?

Hope Troupe Music and Dance Group is made up of primarily orphans and youth with difficult living situations. Global Village Connect has been working with the group for the past 5 years. Our goal is to build a home and practice center for all youth involved so they can get an education, have food to eat and perform because this is a performance not to be missed!

From the Founder

I am Joseph, the manager of Hope Troupe Uganda, located in Nabugoye village. I grew up an orphan and I lacked tuition for higher education. I saw others who were in the same position in life as myself. I knew I had a talent in music, dance and drama and I recruited others to join me. I believe that through music, dance and drama, we can bring awareness to nearby communities about the need to love and care for others. We can also meet people who can counsel, mentor and guide us. We can create positive social transformation. Those who become members of Hope Troupe are boys and girls, young mothers, mostly orphans, with very little means to survive or get an education. Now, members are able to go to school, and have a meal. They have become entrepreneurs! Each member received a goat from Global Village Connect and they have used the proceeds from their offspring to pay for school fees. Some members have started businesses such as making kippot, rock quarrying, a hair salon and a food kiosk making “rolexes” (a popular Ugandan food much like a rolled crepe with egg). The group also earns a living through performing. Because of this, members have developed hope for a better life.