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Farm to table – organic school farms (without the table)

Girl with basketAt Buppala Primary School in Uganda, the school farm feeds lunch to over 600 students every day. There are no tables but the kids are happy to eat lunch under the tree or in the grassy field. For some, it is their first and, sometimes only meal of the day.

When we started the lunch program, there were 350 students. The lunch program was so well received that enrollment almost doubled. We started with 3 acres of organic crops and are now at 5 acres.

Best of all, graduation rates from the 7-year elementary school has increased significantly.

We’re not finished yet. There are still classes being taught under the trees due to a lack of classrooms. When it rains, students must run into other classrooms, which disrupts all learning.

In order to combat the lack of school funds, we also planted organic fruit trees. Mango, pineapple, bananas and papaya will soon be dried and sold for income. Proceeds from the fruit farm will be the school’s major source of funding for building, instructional materials and other much needed equipment, like blackboards and solar power.

Best farming practices

Each student is learning sustainable planting and harvesting practices as they help tend the crops. Work is on-going with soil bands and irrigation channels to prevent soil erosion. This education results in increased yields as new practices replace fragile and resource-intensive traditional farming methods. Best of all, they bring home this knowledge and share with their families to teach everybody in the community best organic farming practices.

How you can help …

Buppala Primary School is a great example of the impact you can make by planting a tree or buying a basket of seeds. We’re now partnering with Buyanga Primary School to feed 800 students lunch each and every day!.

Purchase seeds or trees
For $30, you can help a child eat school lunch every day for their entire 7 years in primary school.

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Connect with a school
Help raise funds for kids to eat lunch at a school in a developing country. We offer a full suite of learning materials and fund-raising ideas for participating teachers.  Learn more.

Radnor pen pal program

A school pen pal project

It started in 2009 with a pen pal project organized by Global Village Connect and sixth grade teacher Jodi Sabra, now one of our board members. Kids at Radnor Middle School in Radnor, Pennsylvania, started writing letters to kids at Buppala Primary School. The pen pal relationships ignited ideas for change. First a latrine, then a school lunch program followed by the organic garden and the exporting of produce.
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